White Guide Top 30 Masters

Written by Louise Zastrow / January 8, 2015

Just before Christmas we received the great news that in the recently published “White Guide – Best Restaurants in the Nordics” we have been selected as part of their top 30 and also listed with highest marks on the “International Masterclass” list – only for restaurants where the kitchen achieves outstanding and original cooking!

“With almost 100 masterclass restaurants, the Nordic countries offer a wide variety of excellent culinary experiences. The Top 30 are all in the international masterclass category and they include some of the best restaurants in the world.”

The new guide covers the 250 best restaurants in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The guide includes 86 restaurants in Sweden, 71 in Denmark, 2 in the Faroe Islands, 43 in Norway, 1 in Svalbard, 38 in Finland and 9 in Iceland. The top 30 restaurants are ranked on the “Top 30 Nordic List” and given extensive reviews.

Extract from the review of Mielcke & Hurtigkarl…

“It’s as if they cast a spell on you as soon as you arrive at the old Baroque horse stable which belonged to King Frederik the 6th. The restoration has made it feel like a fairy tale when you enter the beautiful dining room… Chef Jakob Mielcke and sommelier José Santos leave nothing to chance, yet the spontaneity and beauty of the aesthetics never feels over-conceptualised…”

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