Seaweed #1

Written by Louise Zastrow / 16. December 2011

Over the next few weeks we will share with you a series of photographs that were created for a book about seaweed. The title is Tang – Grøntsager fra havet (Seaweed – Vegetables of the ocean). The author is Ole … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2011-12-16 at 12.23.22 PM

Rig på passion

Written by Louise Zastrow / 16. December 2011

This week we were lucky to be featured in a TV show called “Penge: Rig på Passion” – Money: Rich in Passion – on Danish National television. It was a show about entrepreneurship and passion and featured Jakob Mielcke and … Continue reading


Autumn in the Royal Garden Society

Written by Louise Zastrow / 09. December 2011

Autumn, almost winter has arrived in Denmark and also in our garden. Here are a few shots from our “secret” garden – pay attention to the japanese glass berries (not edible unfortunately…) and the leafs, the pond and all the … Continue reading


Welcome to our universe!

Written by Louise Zastrow / 01. December 2011

This little blog is where we continuously explain about the restaurant, share the creative processes from the kitchen, new inventions & development of dishes, sourcing of new products and experiments with new techniques. We will share stories about the concept, … Continue reading