Written by Louise Zastrow / November 17, 2014

Jakob Mielcke have contributed to a new cookbook about scallops from the acclaimed food wroter and trend hunter Maria Canabal with a recipe for “Grilled Scallops w dashi, mushrooms and herbs…”

The book is a tribute to the scallop, named after the small Spanish town in the North-West called Saint-Jacques de Compostela. The pilgrimage route to this famous town passes through eleven countries and runs for more than 5000 km through Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Munich, Sluis , Edinburgh, London , Antwerp, Marseille, Milan and San Sebastian.

From these eleven countries/cities the Head Chefs of the best restaurants have contributed with their own personal interpretation of the “Saint-Jacques” Scallop.

Among the 69 contributors are: Joan Roca and Juan Mari Arzac (Spain), Rene Redzepi (Denmark), and Kobe Desramault Degeimbre Sang Hoon (Belgium), Sat Bains ( UK ), Björn and Mathias Dahlgren Frantzen (Sweden), Cedroni Moreno (Italy ) and in France, Alexandre Gauthier, Anne-Sophie Pic and Alain Passard.