Chefs of De Dietrich 2012…

Written by Louise Zastrow / June 1, 2012

Every year 16 chefs from all over the world is selected to be “Chefs of De Dietrich” and for this year, Jakob Mielcke is one of them. It is an interesting partnership that beyond being a brand ambassador also allows Jakob to play with and test the latest and most advanced gear to perfect his cooking and expression.

Today, June 1st, Jakob Mielcke is hosting a session in Paris at the Gallerie de Dietrich where he will be taking the press and a small no. other guests at the gallery on a exploratory culinary journey inspired by the season, his latest hunting trip, the weather and much more…

Appetizers, starters, main course and a dessert… Here is a small insight into today’s menu…

Ebi Shrimp Taco, Coppa Copenhagen, Potato Macaron w. Foie gras & Raspberry

“Beach herbs”, Summer Mackerel, Norwegian Lobster & Pine

Deer fried in Hay, White Asparagus, Fresh Strawberries in Liquorice w. Vadouvan & Lardo

“Juniper bonfire”

Once the session is completed and the material is released will will share a few of the recipes:-)

You can download the app from last years “Chefs of de Dietrich 2011″ on iTunes